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The Art of The Brand Refresh

Every industry and marketplace goes through a change. If you want to adapt to these changes, you need to make sure that your brand is keeping up with the pace. Companies that have kept the same brand image for years can benefit immensely from a brand refresh and rebranding process. While it may seem very complicated, the process is typically very fun and engaging and can give your company increased brand awareness and a competitive edge when done right. It helps with elements that have been overlooked and ignored for years. While many companies feel intimidated to start a brand refresh, the reality is that it is an essential part of running a company. Having a strong partner (aka design agency) to help throughout the process is one of the keys of successful brand refreshing. Even the biggest companies in the world have evolved their brand identity to keep up with all the changes in their respective markets. Without rebranding and repositioning, their competitors would have taken their market share. In fact, there are many examples of brands that were too slow in changing their image and ended up suffering heavy financial consequences. One of the many things that we can do for your brand is to adapt it to the current environment. For example, brands that get noticed in the online world are ones with a modern and strong visual brand identity. If your company’s visual brand identity has a classic or dated feel, it may be the perfect time to undergo a refresh, starting with your corporate logo design, typography, color palette and brand elements. ArtVersion can also help you come up with a brand identity that works with all mediums so that your brand is effective while being consistent. It may be also be a good time to renew your brand if your company has undergone a repositioning strategy recently. You want to make sure that the visual presentations represent the change in your company’s philosophy and current offerings, while appealing to correct demographics. It is important to both the consumers and employees; the consumers should notice the change, and employees must understand the new mission of your company. Branding is built from the inside out – company employees are the brand ambassadors.


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