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DIY or Professionally Developed Website?

DIY Websites

The biggest and most obvious advantage of DIY websites is the price. I mean, if you had enough money or if web developers worked for free, why would anyone even consider creating a website on their own if they are not a programmer themselves. There are many tools, called website builders that allow you to use drag and drop method to create a website without having to invest any money in it. They provide you with a theme and there are many beautiful, functional and interesting themes that you can use.

Another advantage that comes from DIY websites is flexibility. Even though your flexibility is limited with the theme you choose when you use a website builder, if you have enough knowledge to create a website with WordPress then your options are practically limitless.

Learning new things is another benefit that comes with creating a website on your own. If you had a basic knowledge of HTML, for example, before you began building your website with WordPress, you will certainly expand that knowledge and become more skillful.

Professionally Developed Websites

When you decide to use a professional web developer to help you build your website, you will be learning alongside a professional and gain valuable knowledge and experience for your future endeavors. You will be working together with experts that can give you advice on many things, like how to increase traffic or conversion rates, which is a priceless help if you have never managed a website before.

Also, you will receive an ongoing support and help when you need it the most. For example, you will have a person to call if something breaks on the website, while you can focus on the more important things of your business. Your developer can help you choose a web host and register your domain name as well.

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