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Tools to use for a small business


Asana is one of the most popular project management tools available today. Doubling as both a project management and task management app, Asana provides a medium for efficient team collaboration and communication. Asana can be used to create projects, monitor task progress, and collaborate. Team members can be assigned to specific projects and tasks (with due dates), share files, and communicate to streamline project management. As soon as a task is assigned or changes are made, team members receive a notification. The ability to comment on the task allows team conversations to be held in one place so you can stop digging through emails.


Evernote is one of the most recommended for note-taking apps for blogging, research, brainstorming, and business presentations, because of its ability to help save time. By providing a single platform for organizing notes and ideas, Evernote allows you to save all of your bright ideas in one easily accessible place, regardless of file format. You can add web pages, videos, and sound recordings all within one simple note.

Some of the top features include:  

  • Notebooks to categorize your notes and ideas to be shared with specific clients and team members. For example, your ‘Business Project ABC’ will have its own notes (i.e. where you save ideas, research, photos, etc.)
  • Checklists and other ways to display your information. For instance, the check-box bullet point option is the virtual equivalent of ticking off tasks on a handwritten list.
  • Attachments can be added to a note in two ways: a direct upload from your PC (using drag-and-drop), or by using Google Drive
  • Presentations can also be put together within a note to provide a clean look and feel. A note can be divided into slides, or use an auto layout.
  • Reminders offer a gentle nudge to complete those nagging tasks. You can even add a scheduled date and timely reminder for a specific project.
  • Sync devices using Evernote’s free tier for a device-agnostic repository that allows you to organize notes on the go.


QuickBooks is a market leading accounting software, built with specifically for small businesses. The attractive UI makes it intuitive to manage all of your finances in one place. The dashboard is arranged in a logical, user-friendly way, making it a breeze to navigate, and also provides an overview of your account balances, income, and expenses (as well as tasks to complete). The functional tabbed areas highlight tasks that small businesses typically perform most often for quick-access: Accounting, Banking, Employees, Expenses, My Accountant, Reports, Sales, and Taxes.

QuickBooks Online’s Records and Reports are thorough and clear and detailed information can be captured in highly customizable report templates. Records can be created for customers, vendors, employees (e.g. billable time or weekly time sheets), products, and services (sales and purchase information, inventory). QuickBooks’ built-in functionality can be greatly extended as it supports the integrations of hundreds of third-party apps.



Slack is a real-time messaging app that brings all your team’s communication together in one place. By integrating with multiple productivity apps and services (Google Calendar, Google Drive, Dropbox, Trello, Evernote, Twitter, Skype, Email, SalesForce, Zendesk, etc.) it can really streamline your workflow.

While the market for communication apps may seem fragmented, Slack is a great choice. The platform supports file sharing in both one-on-one and group conversations, and all discussions, decisions, and documents are archived and searchable. Slack also syncs to multiple devices, to accommodate your workflow. The free plan has searchable message archives, including up to 10,000 of your team’s most recent messages with 10 app or service integrations and 5GB of file storage.


If you want to scale your workforce, then recruiting the right candidates is a must. Alternatively, making the wrong hiring decision could leave your business open to all sorts of risks. That’s why careful screening of potential employees should be done without compromising accuracy.

GoodHire is an award-winning, employment screening platform, which simplifies background checks for a wide range of businesses. They offer quick and highly accurate background checks by verifying any potential candidate’s credentials, references, skills, and more. Employee verification can be customized with add-ons like credit checks, healthcare sanctions, drug screening and international checks.

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